Monday, October 29, 2012

Types of Marketing:

Nowadays companies are adopting various forms of marketing to advertise their product in the market. Internet is also playing huge role in the success of any organization. They are adopting various different marketing techniques to promote their products, businesses and services. In this blog I am trying to list down few of those marketing techniques which can be useful:
Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing is a kind of marketing strategy which takes place online. This type of marketing includes variety of marketing form such as search engine marketing, Video Advertisement and email marketing. I was reading an interview with Benjamin Mauerberger, who is a media professional. In his interview he stated that companies are having their official websites to promote their products and services.
Offline Marketing
Offline marketing is a form of marketing in which company can advertise its business and services through Newspapers or television. 
Outbound Marketing
This marketing technique is a little bit difficult way to market your product and services. Through this technique you are marketing your product to someone who is actually not looking for that product and services. Cold calling is one of the examples of Outbound Marketing. 
Inbound Marketing
This type of marketing focuses on customers who reach to the company with their needs and wants.
 Trade Show Marketing
Trade fairs and seminars such as CommercialVehicle Exhibition 2013, are the examples of this kind of market. This marketing technique target the large number of potential customers. This kind of trade fair allows companies to demonstrate their new product and understand the market behavior towards the product.
Search Engine Marketing
In this type of marketing companies usually promote their product and services through paid placement on search engines such as Google. Companies pay to these kind of search engines to place their advertisement in the sponsored section of search engine which is also known as Pay per click advertisement.

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